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Below you can find photos mainly from Åland and specially from Föglö but also lots of photos from other parts of the wonderful Åland archipelago. There are also lots of photos of the small ferries that takes you between the 6 000 islands of Åland and of the big ferries that takes you
to Sweden or Finland.

Click here to see Åland´s geographical position  or here to read more about Åland

It is mainly air photographs taken when I am flying with my Flying Inflatable Boat. In total I
have about 80 000 photos and most of them are in 5 or 8 mega pixel resolution. If you are interested in using some photo, please contact me on phone +46 702 61 21 27 or the e-mail
you find below.

Categori (number)

Categori (number)

Categori (number)

Bathe (51)
Birger Jarl (8)
Flowers (37)
Boats (36)
Berries (29)
CC Camping (8)
Degerby (89)
Various air photos(106)
Various photos (71)
Animals (10)
Finnlink (13)
Fishing (103)
Fish-eating snake (8)
Aviation (53)
Birds (48)
Föglö Church (8)
Insects (16)
Kobba Klintar (10)
Kökar (20)
Långnäs (9)
Mariehamn (36)
Market Amalia (18)
Food (34)
More air photos
More Åland photos
Midsummer (24)
Rowing (19)
Seawind (10)
Sailing (60)
Silja Line (90)
Old boats (29)
Skärgårdstrafiken (159)
Sottunga (90)
Sport (16)
Stones and rock (57)
Still lifes etc. (40)
Stockholm from above (24)
Sunset (30)
Svinö (18)
Viking Line (90)
Vinter photos(19)
Even more photos

Åland Sea Days (49)


ALBUM WITH 236 PHOTOS FROM 2007 (Kumlinge, Lumparland amd more)

  Copyright 2007, Sten-Anders Fellman, Stockholm, Sweden. 

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