Amfibie Storch

We will start with the amphibian machine but you are of course welcome to buy a wheel machine also. There are three different models of Storch (CL, HS and S) with different wing span and a choice of engines. The amphibian is a CL with a 80 hp Jabiru 2200 engine. Below new photos of the final version of the amphibian.

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Click here to see photos from testflight summer 2003 with a prototype. There you can see photos of engine mount etc.

image0.jpg image1.jpg seastorchcl01.jpg seastorchcl02.jpg seastorchcl03.jpg
seastorchcl05.jpg seastorchcl06.jpg seastorchcl07.jpg seastorchcl08.jpg seastorchcl09.jpg
seastorchcl10.jpg seastorchcl11.jpg seastorchcl12.jpg seastorchcl13.jpg seastorchcl14.jpg
seastorchcl15.jpg seastorchcl16.jpg seastorchcl17.jpg seastorchcl18.jpg seastorchcl19.jpg
seastorchcl21.jpg seastorchcl22.jpg seastorchcl23.jpg seastorchcl24.jpg seastorchcl25.jpg